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Each day, about 43 children are diagnosed with cancer.  One in four of those diagnoses includes a type of brain tumor. Childhood brain cancer is the second most common cancer among children after leukemia.

At the Olivia Hudson Foundation, we believe every child with a cancer diagnosis deserves a fighting chance. We also know not every person or family has the substantial monetary resources needed to help in this fight. OHF’s "A Rae of Hope" program offers every person an opportunity to bring hope to a family whose child is suffering from this devastating disease. 

A Rae of Hope provides the opportunity for you to support and contribute based on your individual ability, starting with just $10 a month. By becoming a dedicated donor, you become part of our A Rae of Hope community and substantial contributor to families in need.


Due to the wide-reaching impact of COVID-19, families of children with cancer need assistance now more than ever. On July 3, 2020, the Olivia Hudson Foundation was able to be a Rae of Hope by donating $5,000 to the HOPES Fund at Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego to assist families with their everyday needs. This donation was made in large part due to the A Rae of Hope contributors. 

Will you join us and be a Rae Of Hope?

Being a Rae of Hope is as easy as listening to music.
Purchase this instrumental album and 100 % of the proceeds will go directly to the Olivia Hudson Foundation. Get your digital copy today!
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